Calisthenics Parks in Irland

Calisthenics parks

If you want to build up your skills as a fitness enthusiast then you should take advantage of the outdoors. There are plenty of parks where you can practice your calisthenics exercises outside. With our online map, you can easily find your local calisthenics parks.

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Looking for a new calisthenics park to exercise in? Here are the top rated parks around Ireland.

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We want to make sure that we are adding the right parks to our database as well as ensure that we don’t accidentally add inaccurate information/duplicate entries. To help us with both of those goals, we've added a simple form to our website where people can input new data about the parks they found. If you have noticed any incorrect information, we kindly ask the public to report these inaccuracies. If you have found a park with inaccurate information, simply fill out a this form and we add/fix the missing data.

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