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About Calisthenics Ireland

Calisthenics Ireland aims to educate its members and help them to become more aware of their own body and how it functions. We place a lot of emphasis on good form and correct body alignment. With calisthenics you can always be progressing and improving on new skills. The list of exercises and their variations takes years to master. The unique demands each training session places on the body creates a fun and challenging experience.

Meet the Calisthenics Ireland team

Calisthenics Ireland was set up in 2012 by Mikolaj Piskor with the prospect of teaching people about fitness through bodyweight training.

Mikolaj P
Mikolaj Piskor

Personal trainer with a keen passion for human anatomy, functional movement and posture.

Favourite snack: Hummus
Ivan K
Ivan Kajtaz

International coach, competition judge and one of the strongest sets and reps athletes in the calisthenics world.

Favourite snack: Ice cream
Connor Logue

One of the best streetlifters in Ireland with experience competing on both a European and World level

Favourite snack: Noodles

Our achievements

Since we have started, we have achieved many great accomplishments including:

calisthenics handstand advertisement
We modelled for advertising campaigns
bodyweight competition
We took part in international competitions
enterprise ireland award
We won a business comptiton by Enterprise Ireland
Ivan K. calisthenics judge
We judged Europe's biggest calisthenics strength event

We have also ran numerous workshops in Ireland and across Europe as well as trained hundreds of satisfied clients, plus many other great achievements!

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Calisthenics Ireland Team
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