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Calisthenics Ireland additional services

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At Calisthenics Ireland we understand that not everybody wants to follow the same fitness path. That is one reason why our trainers can customise each session to meet your specific requirements and objectives. Whether you are an accomplished athlete seeking to enhance performance, a newcomer keen to get fit, or somewhere in between, we offer a range of sessions tailored to match all skill levels and capabilities.

Additional services

We love to see our clients improve their health and enjoy their lives more! To help you stay on track on your fitness journey we have created additional services which offer useful advice and information.

fitness gift products

Gift products

We all know someone whose motivation could do with a little help from time to time. A gift product can provide just what they need to kick start their fitness journey.

Gift products

Calisthenics parks in ireland

To assist you get started on your fitness journey, we have compiled a list of calisthenics parks found throughout Ireland. These include public parks & community playgrounds that have exercise equipment installed in them

Calisthenics parks
calisthenics parks ireland


We want to make certain that you, as our client, are in great health and supporting your body to recuperate completely. To assist you attain this goal we're now also offering Chartered Physiotherapy services
Online available to active members

Calisthenics equipment in ireland

Looking to purchase calsthenics equipment such as parks equipment, gym gear and homeware a more? We've got the shops you are looking for!

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calisthenics ireland equipment
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