What is calisthenics ?

Whenever anyone mentions calisthenics exercise, most of the time people think that it’s some “fancy new way” of working out , only for those that are already very fit and physically active… and that’s not the case, in fact it is the exact opposite. The word calisthenics comes from ancient Greek words – kalós which means “beauty”, and sthénos , meaning “strength”, and it’s a way of working out through the use of your own bodyweight as resistance to build a strong, functional body. Unlike normal gym training, where most of the exercises are based on isolating the muscle, calisthenics is mainly structured around big compound exercises that work couple of muscles at one time. The results of this are:


• More calories burned up during the workout.

• More functional muscles, since your body learns to move as one.

• More definition and better aesthetically looking muscle.

..And most of the workouts require little to no equipment.


You may have not realised it before but you have been training calisthenics throughout your life, exercises such as squats, push ups and pull ups would be the most common ones out there, but even simple actions that you perform in your daily life such as walking up the stairs or getting out of bed would to be considered to be calisthenics.

Despite calisthenics being very simple in theory, its application is challenging, testing the individual to their physical and mental limits.