Stephen R.

Professional musician

Training with Miko was an eye opening experience in terms of finally finding a personal trainer who wasn’t in it just for the money or just as a “job” but more so someone who was following his passion for fitness and only delighted to share it with others. Not one session did I feel I didn’t have his full attention from start to finish, always motivating and pushing me to my limits to achieve my goals – goals which we continued to smash week after week leading to over 3 stone of a weight loss in just 3 short months along with really toning up my shape. Of course this was along with a carefully selected diet of which Miko assisted and encouraged me with. I learnt a lot of new techniques and workouts that I can now use in my own routines but I will continue to train with Miko to continue learning from him and being inspired by his genuine passion for the results his client achieve. If you are on the fence about using a PT to start your fitness journey call Miko.