Ivan V.

What can I say? Working with Miko has been a revelation. I had exactly 0 experience with calisthenics and just the desire to put in the work. Miko’s energy is easily infectious and he was the main reason I decided to give this sport a go.

He carefully analyzed my strengths & weaknesses and crafted a workout regime around the goals we set. One thing you need to understand before you sign up: You’ll be working with a dedicated professional who has not just the experience, but also the drive to really help you improve your overall strength & mobility. Miko is always just a chat away if you have questions, and his explanations and advise make sense even to a novice like me.

I can see the results from our training in my day-to-day and have now incorporated key learnings into almost everything I do.

Let me stop singing praise here because typing is pretty hard while you’re holding a handstand – something I could never do before!

Stop thinking about it and talk to Miko now to kick off your own calisthenics journey!