Monthly Routines

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Monthly Workout Routine.


Monthly Workout Routine is a video series in which I demonstrate 3 workouts. Each one representing their own difficulty level: including beginner, intermediate and advanced. These videos are created to help people visualize simple workout routines and bring the calisthenics community and fitness enthusiasts together. Each month we will aim to improve our system and how the videos are structured. Public interaction is essential for the growth of these videos and helping us deliver the best possible experience for our fellow viewers.
If you would like to be a part of this series and put your name up on our site for others to see, simply record yourself completing a level that will challenge you, upload it to YouTube and forward us the link!
After we review your video and check that everything up-to scratch we will gladly put you up our page. Each routine level will have its own leaderboard with the strongest participants on it.


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Rules for the video:

• Must be completed in 1 recording – No edits, chops, speeding up the video etc.

• Timing is key! – Aim to complete your routine in the shortest time possible. Don’t take breaks between sets unless you really have to. Fastest time + best form will determine how well you do.

• FORM OVER EVERYTHING! – try and complete your routine in the best form possible. Sloppy reps, half reps etc. will be seen as half complete. On top of that for each half rep that you perform we will add +4 seconds to your over all time. Doesn’t seem like a lot but it will all add up e.g. 10 incomplete reps = + 40 seconds to your over all time.

Remember guys this is all for your own enjoyment! The main thing that we are trying to show you is interaction with other members within calisthenics community and to bring out a little bit of a competitive spirit in you! Be safe and have fun trying these routines.