Ivan Kajtaz – Interview


My name is Ivan Kajtaz, I’m 23 years old from Zagreb, Croatia. I am a calisthenics athlete and I have worked as a coach in a gym for the last few years – mostly bodyweight programmes.

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I’ve been working out my entire life but I’ve been training in calisthenics for 5 years now. I got into working out by myself, because of the range of possibilities it offers, and because i sports and the fitness lifestyle, but for calisthenics my motivation was Lord Vital from Brooklyn.

Did you do any other sports before getting into calisthenics?

Before getting into bodyweight training, as a kid I use to play football and later got into wrestling, boxing, Jiu-Jitsu. Now my fitness lifestyle revolves around running, hiking and calisthenics.

How do you stay so motivated?

I stay motivated by seeing what is happening around me, the bad lives, the people who don’t do anything for a better tomorrow. For me, it’s motivation to be somewhere where i want to be and to do something that no one has done before, to make my mark on this world.

any piece of advice you would give to someone thinking of starting or just started calisthenics

Everyone started from somewhere, don’t be shy to ask other for advice. Be patient and train smart, goal by goal, step by step, always be humble and help others.

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